Like many people during the recent recession, Larry Moody found himself laid off an looking for work. Thankfully, he had plenty of experience in plastics and that allowed him to start a new business making a boat docking system.

Though he had worries similar to most unemployed people, such as how to pay for his mortgage and health insurance, he said the situation gave him “a unique opportunity.”

He decided to be an entrepreneur and come up with a made-in-America product that could be patented and could compete globally.

Moody, along with two silent, British Columbia-based partners, started WaveMaster last year. He’s starting to build a sales team and is planning to lease a facility.

The dock system uses a modular design and comes in two sizes: 4 feet by 24 feet, or 8 feet by 24 feet. They, along with the flotation system, are designed to be carted on a truck bed; their fit makes them much more economical to transport than a traditional docking system, Moody said.

Wave Master honed the product by working with numerous experts. Innovative Rotational Molding Inc. of Madeira, Calif., is turning out the first of the docks.