Orange Dog: Green Dog Products

A little over a year ago, Nick Schklair, a veteran of IT marketing and sales, was working on a very new project and stumbled on a totally new (for him) market. While trying to develop a product for the BBQ industry he stumbled across a product for dogs. “I was experimenting with the use of orange oil to infuse into saw dust to impart a citrus flavor for smoke cooking. That didn’t work. but I found out that orange oil was an incredible deodorizer for most anything and killed fleas instantly,” he explained. When you spray your dog, the dog smells refreshingly like an orange and completely deodorized.

By continuous experimentation and working with a chemist, he was able to develop the Orange Dog deodorizer for dogs. A product which he has found is “Both natural, green and safe on dogs”. As his sales started to expand, he quickly added the Orange Dog Deodorizing Shampoo. Based on all natural components, the Orange Dog Shampoo both softens, deodorizes and also kills fleas.

He has since added other natural, essential oil such as cedar and lavender oil based products. Presently, he is looking for green product distributors to sell it directly to the appropriate organic retail outlets. However, it is available on the web site

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