What the Big Names Use to Enhance Their Reputations


From the outside looking in, it looks as though all of the major companies use the industry secrets to succeed. The secret club consisting of the major organizations competing in a particular industry all have proven success behind them, and the smaller companies looking to find their way are left struggling to find the key that will fit the lock to open the door.

The truth of the matter is, however, that there is no secret club and it’s not as simple as finding a key to a cupboard full of answers that will transform your business with overnight success. All of the companies that have reached the top have done so through blood, sweat and plenty of tears along the way with numerous hurdles and obstacles to negotiate before they got to what we all perceive to be relatively clear waters.

What they’ve done is devise a strategy that works for them. In business there is no one-size-fits-all approach and even those in the same industry need to find different ways of succeeding otherwise you just replicate each other. There are certain things that all the successful companies do that you can replicate, whether you’re a startup or an established firm, that will help to get your name out there, one of which is to work towards a goal of achieving top speaker branding that will let you showcase your knowledge, your company and your service all in one go in front of a packed audience.

That is all that successful businesses and individuals, like Martin Lindstrom who was used in the link earlier, have done to get to where they are. They have all started off by giving talks to small audiences and gradually, as their reputation grows, worked their way up to packed conference centers where tickets are like gold dust and you’re traveling around the world in an attempt to spread the word – and satisfy the demand for your knowledge!

On top of that, or if public speaking isn’t your kind of thing or right for your business, then you need to take advantage of what is out there already. Social media has come from nowhere, who had heard of Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook twenty years ago? Nobody – barely anyone had ten years ago after all! Yet social media is now one of the most important marketing tools that a business can have when used correctly.

Most people are at least aware of sites like Facebook and Twitter, even if they don’t use them personally; but businesses in all niches are using the sites to reach out to their audience, expanding their reach much further than traditional methods like magazine adverts could ever have done.

With television and radio ads particularly expensive, it pays to use social because it’s free! All you need to work on is the strategy, you can’t just post pictures and statuses or Tweets about any old thing, you need to post what’s relevant to your company and your audience because, after all, they only ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you to find out more about the business they’ve had dealings with previously or are considering using in the near future. They want to talk to you, to find out what you’re doing, how to use a product or service and why they might be unable to, and they want that feeling of actually talking to a person and not getting an automated response – it is a social network after all.

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