Getting Started: 

Starting a glass etching business can be a fun, exciting, and profitable niche business idea. There are a variety of things that you can etch to maximize your number of customers. Starting a business by glass etching can allow you to easily personalize or customize a glass item for those seeking gifts, awards, and decoration items for a home, bar, restaurant, or business.

You can create elegant etched items for multiple different types of glasses. The possibilities are endless and all it takes is an imagination. If you are not an artist, don’t worry. You really don’t need to be one. With practice, you will be able to develop amazing techniques. The good news is, simple etching techniques can make for an extremely profitable business.

Bride and Groom Etched Blue Glasses

What is the Etching Process? 

Glass etching is the process of etching or embedding a design into a piece of glass. To achieve the etched design, a stencil is securely placed on the glass before using an etching process. The stencil can be custom cut using a cutting machine or hand cut by following a black and white pattern.

Today, there are two main etching processes used:

1. Etching cream is a etching media used to brush the substance over the stencil which only lightly frosts the glass surface. It is used primarily with arts and craft projects and has a very small start up cost. It can be a quick start to creating a small business selling items on sites such as Ebay and Etsy.


2. Sandblasting the glass is the other main etching process used today. It has more of a start up cost but the etchings are more elegant and professional; which your customers will enjoy. By sandblasting the glass, the particles that strike the glass, lightly chip the area to create a delicate and frosted imprint.


Etching glass produces very desirable products that can be sold in multiple market places. Etched treasures such as glasses, plates and photo frames can be used to commemorate and celebrate just about any type of occasion you can imagine. With millions of new babies, weddings and other special occasions occurring annually, there is no shortage of selling opportunities. People love the idea they can personalize a gift for someone they care about and make it permanent.


Business Ideas For You:

Some etching product ideas for you:

  • Restaurant logo on drinking glasses and all glass ware
  • Glass Mirrors for personal or commercial use
  • Any type of glass awards
  • Privacy window glass
  • Wedding, anniversary, birthday and special occasion gift ideas
  • Customized shower doors
  • Wine glasses, candle sticks, glass bells & glass photo frames
  • Paper weights
  • All types of corporate gifts

The list goes on. Check out the Etsy website as it is a great way to start a business with very little cash.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in finding out more about starting a glass etching business, Eric Robert runs Glass Etching Secrets and he would be happy to help you with your new business journey.

If you are looking to start a business and “fire your boss,” check out Business Opportunities for hundreds of great low cost start up ideas.

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