GreenBottle Goes Wine

First it was the milk bottle that went green, now the same company is turning to paper for wine bottles!

The first question that I’m sure immediately comes to everyone’s mind is how a paper bottle full of wine doesn’t just turn to mush moments after being filled. And the simple answer is by using the same system as wine sold by the carton — a sealed foil bladder on the inside. The bottle’s inventor, Martin Myerscough, has already created a paper-based milk bottle (different to cartons) that’s seen commercial success, so he figured the same idea could work just as well with wine.

While it looks a little rough on the outside, a challenge Martin will have to overcome when it comes to selling it to the consumer, the paper bottle weighs just 50 grams compared to the 500 grams of a glass bottle. It also has just 10 per cent of the carbon footprint of glass, so it’s cheaper to make and recycle. The paper bottles are even the exact same size as the glass bottles they hope to replace, so they can be easily integrated into existing production lines and transportation systems.

Screenshot from GreenBottle

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