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From the video’s transcript:

The Jet Hitter from MRC is a batting machine that allows people to hit a ball that floats in mid-air. An industrial ring blower emits a fixed current of blown air, and a nozzle shaped and angled for optimized fluid mechanics floats a regulation hardball.

“People have used a soft toss batting tee or a batting tee to practice baseball, but since the ball comes at a 45 degree angle when soft toss batting, batters get into the habit of pulling the ball when they bat. Yet they do not get the feeling of really hitting when they use a batting tee. We worked with Meiji University and came up with this idea after we experimented a lot based on the concept, “What if the ball is floating?” This allows a person to practice by themselves, hit at a wide angle, and another major feature is that the ball wobbles a little, so it trains the batter to concentrate, so overall the system has been highly appreciated.”

Video below.