Advertising on Rental Cars

Budget Rental car Advertising Wrap

Wrap Media Group has partnered with Budget Rent a Car of Atlanta to wrap rental vehicles with the eye-catching Sheetsâ„¢ Brand Energy Strips. For the first time ever, renters will be able to get a significant discount when driving a Sponsored (wrapped) Rental Vehicle.

“Like many other entrepreneurial ventures, this was conceived on a cocktail napkin in a restaurant. We’ve developed a new and unique way for brands to interact with their consumer audiences,” said David Berke, COO of Wrap Media Group. “The ability to integrate wrapped vehicles, product placement and online interaction into one solution is unparalleled.”

The sponsored cars can be booked online at for the initial campaign beginning in August and continuing to November 2011. Wrap Media Group will be offering brands the ability to advertise on thousands of rental vehicles in many other markets across the US and abroad once the initial campaign is underway.

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