Scotts Pizza Tours

Scott Wiener loves pizza. Some people deliver pizza. But, Wiener delivers the people to the pizza with his tourism company, Scott’s Pizza Tours.

Even native New Yorkers rarely venture to the city’s secluded pizza havens. With the NYC Pizza Bus, you’ll taste some of the city’s best kept secrets as you learn everything there is to know about America’s favorite food.

People always ask me where to find the best pizza in New York but that question is impossible to answer; it’s like asking an artist’s favorite color. There are too many variables: Do you want a sit-down restaurant? Are you looking for a slice or a whole pie? Does too much cheese make you cringe? How far are you willing to travel?

I used to pile inquisitive minds and tummies into my car for a day of sampling interesting pies but demand has far exceeded my Nissan’s capacity. The solution seemed clear: rent a school bus and deliver the people to the pizza! And so the NY Pizza Bus was born.