Would you invest $5 in a company with a preteen for a CEO, and services on offer like playing nice with a younger sibling or taking out the trash? On Kidworth, a Los Angeles-based startup, parents are funding “startup” ideas like these, and entrepreneurially-minded kids are pocketing some extra cash in the process.

I use the term startup loosely here, as many of the ideas featured on the site involve kids hustling to increase their allowance, in exchange for performing household chores or actions, such as ‘liking’ a brand’s Facebook page. Rudy DeFelice, Kidworth’s founder and interim CEO, said these are “suggestions” or “simple business ideas” and still have merit as a learning tool.

“Would I consider that entrepreneurship? Absolutely,” he said, in an email interview with VentureBeat. This week, Kidworth launched the beta version of the site and announced plans to turn one million children into entrepreneurs.