Turning Kitty Litter Into a Million Dollar Business

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Back in the late 1940s, it was usual for cat owners to keep a pile of sand in the yard from which to fill the cats litter box. But, because of the extremely cold temperatures in the winters, this was not a very practical method, and so ashes hauled from the fireplace were used as a substitute. However, even that left many sooty paw prints about as sawdust too was not absorbent enough.

Ed Lowe was to become the inventor of Kitty Litters, and he began by filling ten plain brown paper bags with five pounds of Fullers Earth and called it Kitty Litter and tried to sell them at the local pet store.

At the beginning, the response was not very encouraging and the inventor of Kitty Litter had to dole out free samples. However, this did the trick and made cat owners come back for more. They were ready to pay the asking price of 65 cents per bag.

Encouraged by this response, the inventor of Kitty Litter then hit the road and went to pet stores as well as wholesale companies for more business. He even had to clean hundreds of cat boxes at cat shows in return for a booth where he could hawk his Kitty Litter. He even sold the Kitty Litter from the back of his old 1943 Chevy Coupe, and had driven thousands of miles all over America to kick-start his fledgling business.

The inventor of Kitty Litter soon saw his business grow to become an industry and his invention was so successful that Kitty Litter was to become the generic term for his product.

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