CompoKeeper: Making Compost Smell Less

With the introduction of the CompoKeeper, diverting kitchen scraps from going to the landfill is now a piece of cake.

As communities become increasingly concerned with climate change, greenhouse gases, and overflowing landfills, recycling organic material is an obvious solution. Unfortunately, the “ick factor” – the fear that decomposing food scraps leading to foul odors, pesky pests and messy clean-ups – deters many from recycling valuable organic material.

When the curbside composting program launched in Boulder, Colorado resident Van Hess began searching for a way to eliminate the unpleasant side effects of indoor compost storage. This led to the invention of the CompoKeeper, a kitchen appliance that works like a huge zip lock bag lining the inside of a waste bin which can be opened and closed using the foot pedal or turning the hand lever. Keeping compost in the CompoKeeper allows recyclers to store food scraps ick-free and offers the additional convenience of reducing number of trips to the outdoor bin.

The CompoKeeper is the missing link for communities with curbside composting programs. Easy and clean compost storage makes composting as easy as taking out the trash. Everyday recyclers donʼt have to go to extraordinary lengths to participate in these programs, they just have to decide to compost, acquire a CompoKeeper and switch to biodegradable bags.

CompoKeeper LLC is a seed-stage family owned company located in Boulder, Colorado focused on designing and developing products to make recycling first nature. As composting programs sprout worldwide they hope to grow our business to meet the needs of recyclers making the next step towards zero waste an easy one.

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