Terressentia Strikes Liquid Gold

The distilling process has not changed much over the years. However, a new company has found a way to not only shorten the length of time it takes, but make it taste even better.

According to Charleston City Paper, Terressentia makes gin, vodka, rum, bourbon whiskey, and tequila in approximately six hours, with only a few days rest before serving.

Their secret is a patented process called Terrepure, a combination of filtration and oxidation that uses ultrasonic energy to purify distillate. The process starts with 180 to 190 proof liquor purchased from distilleries that specialize in each liquor. At Terressentia’s warehouse, 250 gallon jugs of 190 proof, 100 percent blue agave tequila sit next to equally giant tubs of imported Russian vodka.

Those high-octane potions are diluted with distilled water and passed through tubes into a dialysis-like machine, where sound energy prompts a reaction in the liquor that removes congeners and free radicals — the bad stuff in booze that make well liquor taste awful and rot your guts. Propyl and methyl alcohol become esters and glycerides. In short, the bad alcohol becomes good alcohol, and it doesn’t require the tedious aging and multiple distilling processes historically required for making fine spirits.

“I’ve always been an inventor, so I asked, ‘Why do something that is remarkably inefficient?'” says Terressentia chairman of the board Ty Tyler. “Why do you distill vodka five times and throw away 40 percent of what you started with, or put bourbon in a cellar for five years and let most of it evaporate? We said, ‘Let’s do it efficiently.'”

Image from Terressentia

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