Business Ideas: The Weirder the Better

My Ugly Christmas Sweater Customer Photo 22 Large

Red and Black:

Some people see a tacky Christmas sweater and laugh or scoff, but Ann Blackman looked at a tacky Christmas sweater and saw dollar signs. Blackman is the owner of My Ugly Christmas Sweater, a business that buys, embellishes and then sells hideous holiday apparel. This unconventional company gained widespread popularity and now makes an impressive profit. This woman went from being a stay-at-home mom to an entrepreneur. All she needed was a little bit of faith and a great deal of confidence in her idea.

Even though this story seems like a one-time occurrence, incidents like this transpire frequently. Think about it, somebody invented things like dual jars of PB&J, clapper lights and the Bedazzler. These seemingly simple creations that we don’t think twice about supplied their inventors with substantial wealth.

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