It all started out simple enough, Angie wanted to get a hand print/foot print done of her new daughter. So she went to the store and bought one of the kits and gave it a try. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy with the end result. So she decided to take another route with a new idea. With her previous knowledge about ceramics, she set to work to make the same product using ceramic as the base rather than cement. This time the finished product came out to her liking.

High Five Studio wasn’t really born, though, until after friends saw the finished product that she’d made. They started asking for them for their own children. Since that day, 8 years ago, Angie has moved on to creating other items such as wall plaques, mugs, pencil holders as well as other great items.

Since each person gets to participate in creating the item, each item is unique to each person. That has to be the best part of her product. Their is nothing else exactly like it for that reason.

Angie’s creativity and prior knowledge with ceramics turned out to be a great opportunity for a business. I think it’s amazing to see someone take something that seems like it’d be useless like her knowledge of ceramics and turning it into something that benefits her instead. That’s the great thing about this mompreneur.