Snow Marketing


Now here’s a way to make the most of bad weather: snow graffiti!

After London was hit by the worst snow storm in 20 years, a creative media solutions agency was quick to take advantage of the freshly lain canvas.

Agency Curb came up with this environmentally harmless idea to promote TV channel, Extreme.

They created over 2,000 snow tags, or ‘stamps,’ in 350 different locations around central London using laser-cut stencils. The snow graffiti was found in parking lots, mail boxes and on walls. Even Oxford Street was emblazoned with a huge, perfectly shaped Extreme logo in the snow.

This has NEVER been done in London before – mainly because it rarely snows – and we wanted to be the first to do it,” Anthony Ganjou of Curb said.

“So our team quickly hit the streets. By midday we had covered central London with the Extreme brand and had also turned a lot of heads. The feedback from people we saw in the streets was really positive.”

Photo by Trendhunter.

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