Looking for Love in a Stack of Books

Looking for Love in a Stack of Books

When I was young, and single, I used to visit bookstores. Not just because I loved to read, but also because I thought it might have been a good place to meet girls. (It wasn’t.)

You can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of books they read. What reader hasn’t made a beeline straight for a new friend’s bookshelves on first visiting their home?

A new dating site called Alikewise.com is taking my dating strategy online. The site allows you to connect with people based on their book tastes. Whether you like mysteries, politics, biographies or fantasy, the site will notify you when someone else adds a book of the same genre.

As I found out, mutual love of a good book doesn’t always indicate a love connection. Hopefully, the sites’ users will find that they have more in common than just words on a page.

Photo by Tom Frankland Photography/ShutterStock.

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