Lice Removal is an Untapped Niche!

I love lice removal stories. A reader sent in this guest post about her her lice removal business. This is a huge untapped niche! I’m always amazed at how easy it was to turn something disgusting and shameful into something that is totally normal and profitable.


When Carrie Madej decided to start her new business, because of the current economy, she was hesitant. But a year later her company has grown leaps and bounds. She’s opened her first center in Wheeling, Illinois, and has three more in the works.

“It’s unbelievable”, says Madej. “I really had no idea how this would just take off.”

This Wheeling business doesn’t sound the most glamorous. Madej’s specialty? Head Lice removal.

“Yeah, I get a few raised eyebrows when I tell people. But then those same people end up being clients when their kid comes home from school,” Madej says.

Nit Free Noggins is the name of her company, and in celebration of the new center they are offering free head checks on both the 18th and 25th of this month.

For over a year now, Madej and her staff of trained technicians have been killing lice in just one half hour treatment using the FDA cleared LouseBuster.

“We have the only LouseBuster Device in the area. It kills lice and the eggs without pesticides. It’s the first of its kind, and has scientific backing,” says Madej.

The LouseBuster device was developed by biologists at the University of Utah. It is a new way to kill head lice without pesticides or chemicals. Clinical studies show that the treatment, which uses controlled heated air delivered by certified operators, provides a safe, effective way to kill ALL stages of head lice-including lice eggs-by rapidly dehydrating them.

Madej reasons that the boom in the head lice removal industry has to do with lice evolving a resistance to many well-known medications.

“Parents are realizing that they can’t kill lice at home, and they need a professional. We’re chemical-free and the LouseBuster is scientifically backed.” Says Madej.

On the website, they have a list of schools in the area dealing with lice outbreaks.

“I find a great deal of satisfaction helping people; they’ll call me crying, it really is a traumatic experience for people [to deal with head lice].”

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