Luxury Photo Booths in France

Harcourt Booth

When you think of photo booths, you think of young lovers kissing under the harsh flash, or passport photos, or kids making silly faces, but what you don’t think is luxury.

Harcourt, is a famous Parisian photographic studio. At Cannes, last year, they introduced their first luxury photo booth. For 10 euros the machine creates a halo from a “skillful blend of shadow and light.”

According to the French website, Les Temps, (as translated by World Crunch) “it’s immediately recognizable, a subtle alchemy of light and dark that can give anyone the look of a glamorous celebrity.”

“It took 18 months of research and development to achieve the final product,” explains Eric Grassi, commercial director of Copyphot. “They idea wasn’t to reproduce the Harcourt image exactly. That would be impossible. Instead it was to keep the essence of the image the same. Instead of a flash, there is a system that diffuses the light and tones down the shadows. By placing himself in the middle, the subject creates the light-dark contrast.”

To stay in keeping with the style of Harcourt, founded in 1934, people are advised to give just a hint of a smile and keep make-up simple and discrete.

I wonder how something like this would do in the US?

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