Direct Sales Lead Mom To Big Business

Business News Daily:

Dina Amico-Kriescher knows firsthand how difficult it can be to have a career while raising a family. That’s why in 2003, the Chicago mother of three decided to take a risk and start her own business. By becoming her own boss, she was able to achieve her professional goal of entrepreneurship without sacrificing time with her family, a balance that nearly all working moms strive to have.

Unfortunately, starting a business isn’t an option for everyone. Amico-Kriescher recognized this, and in 2004 she turned her company, Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop, into a national direct-sales to give mothers across the country the chance to have their own business with all the materials and support they need from a parent company. She launched a second direct-sales company, Bellabeads 925, in 2009 to offer this opportunity to even more women.

Though Amico-Kriescher’s companies offer very different products — Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop organizes children’s parties where guests choose, stuff and dress their own stuffed animals; Bellabeads 925 allows customers to host their own jewelry parties where guests design custom charm bracelets and necklaces — they were both founded on the same principle: family balance.

Screenshot from Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop

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