Niche Biz: Luxury Retreats

Luxury Retreats

Join Entrepreneurs at a Crossroads host Jean-Sébastien Cournoyer as he goes on a journey of discovery with Luxury Retreats to see how a little bit of innovation delivered big results for this villa rental company.

In 1999, Joe Poulin founded Luxury Retreats from the comfort of his bedroom. Initially focused on renting luxury villas worldwide, the company soon began to provide travel services as well. It wasn’t long before Joe and his sales team were spending more time researching these add-on services than booking the actual villas. Joe saw this as an opportunity to create an innovative team 100% dedicated to providing concierge services.

Today, Luxury Retreats rents luxury villas and provides custom concierge services to some of the world’s wealthiest travellers. What started off as airport transfers and car rentals has evolved to include private chefs, nanny services, even opportunities to train with Olympic athletes. Luxury Retreats is now at the forefront of innovative new travel offerings, and the amenities offered by its concierge service are limited only by imagination.

Video below.

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