Alco-Buddy is wall mounted, vending machine-like alcohol breathalyzer. It is designed to be installed in bars and restaurants.

The machine is about the size of a payphone. After the user inserts cash or swipes his credit card, the machine dispenses a straw from the bottom. The user them inserts one of the straw into a hole in the front of the machine and when directed, blows into the straw. The Alco-Buddy then analyzers the user’s breath for the presence of alcohol and displays the results on it’s screen.

As a business opportunity, it has merit too. The Alco-Budd sells for $1,899 per unit if you only purchase one. Here’s a conservative revenue estimate from the company:

At any give location, with an average patron attendance of 100 per night during the slower nights of the week Sunday thru Wednesday, and 275 per night Thursday, Friday and Saturday –only 1225 per week – (many places entertain that number of customers, on just Friday / Saturday nights) and an active participation of only 5% is 61 usages. At a dollar each that is $61/week.

$61/week times X 52 weeks/year = $3,172 in 1 year!

What a neat idea!

Here’s a video after the jump: