Bullet Time Photo Business

Have you ever wondered, what you would do, if you could stop the time and fly? Paulig Brazil — a Finnish coffee brand — built a never before seen set-up, called “Brazil Linko”, to stop the time and see, what people really would do.

Brazil Linko uses 38 digital cameras to capture a stunt (jump, kick, summersault, whatever) and instantly create a video of it, utilizing bullet-time technique. The result: a unique video, on which time really appears to stand still.

Thirteen years ago, when I first saw this effect in the movie The Matrix, I never imagined that coffee companies would be offering it in a big photo booth in shopping malls!

I have no idea what’s required to do this, other some good insurance — did you see some of the “poses” people are making in the video? Someone is going to make a ton of money replicating this in malls around the world.

Video below.

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