Earning Extra Money Through At Home Parties

Globe and Mail:

Some people sign-up for this kind of part-time work to support a family. Others, like Amy Lazar Kleiman, are looking for a creative outlet and an opportunity to earn some fun money. Ms. Lazar Kleiman is an independent stylist for Stella & Dot. To get going, she paid $199.99 for a starter kit, which came with a credit for $450 worth of product to showcase at her events. She then invested $600 of her own money to buy additional pieces. She made her initial out-of-pocket investment back after her first two events. She says it was low-risk for her because she had a circle of girlfriends she knew who would love the products and attend her first two events.

With a full-time job in Toronto, she says her goal is to host two to four trunk shows a month, which would bring in on average $300 to $600. Hosting an event takes three to four hours of her time, but she loves her side gig. “Having a glass of wine, hanging out with girlfriends, and trying on jewellery, is the best way to make money on the side,” she laughs.

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