Someone Invent This Already: A Telephone DNS

Kill Dialing the Phone

I don’t want to call your phone. I want to call you. Why do I have to look in my phone book (whether in paper, on my phone or computer) to find your number? Why do I have to guess whether you’re at home, at work, or in the car? Why do I have to try that number, and if you don’t answer, leave a message? Why can’t I tell my phone to “Call Joe” and have my phone call you no matter where you are?

On the internet, when I want to go to Google, I don’t first look up Google’s IP address in my address book. I just type into my browser. The browser then connects to something called the Domain Name Service (DNS for short) which converts the URL into the IP address and then it connects to it.

Photo by Refat/ShutterStock.

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