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Car Next Door

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Will Davies cofounder of Car Next Door has been a long time advocate and user of Car Sharing, his only issue was that his nearest share car was around half a kilometre away. Not helpful if wanting to just duck up the road to the supermarket is it? Looking around him he noticed that there were cars parked on the streets and in driveways for hours and days on end – the solution was simple, borrow a neighbours car…

Along with his cofounder Dave Trumbull the pair set about creating a peer to peer car sharing platform, with a bold mission of decreasing the number of cars on the road.

“Car Next Door gives car borrowers access to a fleet of cars from $5 per hour whilst providing a simple way for car owners to earn $2-10k extra per year by sharing their car at times they aren’t using it.” says the pair.

Starting up Australia’s first peer-to-peer car sharing program that enables people to book by the hour has presented significant barriers to entry including having to overcome clauses in private car insurance specifically excluding cover when you rent out your car.

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