Niche Biz: DocsPayDocs


A practicing doctor in northwest New Jersey was also searching for the next great appeal letter, marketing piece, patient letter, recall letter, office form or policy and could never find exactly what he was looking for. He found himself making most of these forms from scratch, spending hours that he could have been treating patients, or working from home when he could have been spending time with his family. Other times, he found himself purchasing these materials from consultants and companies, overpaying for things all the time! As he grew his database of marketing materials, appeal letters, forms, letters, etc for his practice, he received more and more requests for his forms and paperwork for his colleagues.

As more of his friends and colleague found out about his useful forms, he found himself getting email requests all the time, sending attachment after attachment. He thought there had to be a better way. Also, the doctor thought there should be a reward for all the work creating documents, and if you didn’t have to email each one individually, that would work great! So, the young doctor teamed made the website, DocsPayDocs.

The site allows doctors, or other healthcare providers to upload PowerPoint, excel files, word files, set a description, logo, and keywords, and price, and list it for sale. Providers can also search, buy and have immediate download of other docs materials. There are no signup fees to begin got buy or sale, for now, as the site is new. A surcharge is charged of each sale to cover costs.

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