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Photo Booths are quickly becoming the “must have” feature of any successful wedding, party or other event, providing not only great fun for guests but also lasting memories for both your customer; the party host, and their guests.

Until June last year, Marie Mason an administrator for a local bailiff’s office in the West Midlands, could only dream of the holiday of a lifetime to Jamaica. However Marie and her husband have recently returned from the their dream vacation thanks to a life changing decision made only six months earlier.

Having become increasingly frustrated with the day to day drudgery of her office job Marie began to look around for an alternative. A chance conversation with friend and owner of, Tim Warrington, then lead to a complete change of career for Marie. Tim introduced Marie to the concept of the portable photo booth, which has seen an explosion of popularity at weddings, parties, corporate events and award ceremonies.

Being a fun loving personality Marie immediately saw not on the attraction of her own photo booth business but also the potential for it to be far more rewarding than her office job could ever be. Shortly after, with the agreement of husband Dave, Marie put down the deposit on her booth and by early July was up and running with her new business.

In August 2012 Marie also invested in her own sign-written van as her own car, a 10 year old 2-seater Mazda was not suitable and she had relied on husband Dave’s car. Although her booth and equipment could be carried in the back of a car as small as a Vauxhall Corsa, Marie took the decision on the van as it also gave her added exposure for her growing business.

“I only purchased the van because mine was an old 2-seater and having made the decision to change my car it seemed logical to get one that would not only carry the booth cases but also give me the chance to advertise at the same time. Had I of had a suitable car in the first place, I doubt I would have bothered changing when I did.”

In the first six months of operation Marie had attended over 25 events with her booth, each of which generated between £520 and £750 per event. The cost of the booth having been paid for after only 16 events.

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