Hangers Report Popularity of Clothes

The numbers on these hangers in a retail store in Brazil show in real-time the number of “likes” an outfit has received on the Facebook page of the Brazilian fashion retailer C&A.

Singularity Hub has more:

The promotional video for the service pitches the idea like this (translated from Portuguese): “When they go clothes shopping, women always feel insecure and want a second opinion. But one second opinion is never enough. So how about finding what everyone on Facebook thinks of a particular item of clothing?” At the end, viewers are presented with an altruistic pitch: “So give ‘Likes’ to the clothes you like more and help thousands of women in their difficult mission of choosing the ideal outfit.”

Now, anyone with a smartphone could go to the store and pull up the Facebook page to find out the number of Likes that the garment has. The new hooks, however, offer that information instantly and allow for rapid comparisons. There’s a good chance that shoppers will check the comments in Facebook about the garment before buying or post a comment after they purchase it and like it.

Video (in Portugese) below.

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