What Are the Major Benefits of Call Recording?

Reel to Reel

Call recording is widely used by many businesses, and is becoming more affordable as software licences and data storage comes down in price. If you’re thinking of introducing it to your business, then you should know the main reasons it’s used. It’s certainly not necessary for all businesses, but it is an invaluable tool for many, and you could well be missing out.

Staff Monitoring

Knowing that your staff are doing exactly what they should be is very important indeed, and with call recording software you can keep tabs on conversations. This is a good way of working out where staff members might be going wrong, or for finding out what makes them so good at their job. Many businesses will find that staff perform better when they know they’re being recorded too, which is an added bonus.

Customer Service Training

When dealing with customers over the phone, there are hundreds of different routes that conversations could take, and it’s important for your employees to be prepared. Recording real conversations is therefore extremely useful, because they can be used in training.

It doesn’t take long before a database of many different customer queries and difficulties is built up, and this is something invaluable to HR, especially as it’s not something that can simply be brought in externally. No two businesses are ever the same, so you’re not going to get the same enquiries.

This blog post has some useful information to make best use of recorded calls in training. The Lanonyx blog also has many helpful tips.

Transaction Recordings

Keeping track of transactions and dealings with customers is extremely important. Things can and do go wrong in any business, and it’s incredibly useful to have detailed recordings when trying to resolve a dispute or find out where something has gone wrong. In some industries such as banking, call recording is actually required for this very reason, and consumers have the right to obtain transcripts of all calls they have with their bank. This is part of a subject access request.

There are many different types of call recording software out there, and if you choose to use it, you’ll need to do your research. Software ranges from simply recording as a sound file, to the clever analysis of speakers’ tone and attitude.

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