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Instead of peeling the label off your apple, next time you might just wash it. Amron’s Vanishing Fruitwash Labels are labels that dissolve into an organic fruit wash that helps remove wax, pesticides and dirt.

More features:

  • Washing turns label into Fruit Soap
  • No stickers to peel off and throw away
  • No expensive produce wash (fruit wash) to buy
  • Displays Price Look-Up codes for fast & accurate check-out
  • Label can also be removed normally by peeling off
  • Water resistant
  • Washing / rubbing with water triggers the turn
  • Helps remove water-resistant wax, pesticides and fungicides

The business opportunity:

Scott Amron is selling a 10% stake in the Fruitwash Label Intellectual Property (patents). For more information email support-at-Moq7-dot-com.

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