You know what they say: The family that tends bees together get’s stung together.

I’ve recently decided to purchase some hives and bees and have a go at being a beekeeper. Good to see that others are profiting from it:

What started as a trip to the library has now turned into a family-owned business that a local husband and wife team are hoping will encourage others in Utah County to want to take on their love of bees. Amy and Riley Beck from Spanish Fork own a family business specializing in bee sales, pollination services and honey production.

Both the Becks have a history working with bees. Amy grew up in Tridell, Utah, on a farm that raised bees and Riley started helping a friend’s grandpa raise bees when he was 15 years old.

A few years ago, when Riley was working for the National Guard while finishing school at Utah Valley University, his schedule made it possible for him to tend to their new daughter during the day. He would go to the library to find books to read and saw a “Beekeeping for Dummies” book on a table and thought it would be a good hobby. He checked out book after book, until he had read everything he could about beekeeping. He ended up purchasing a large amount of bees and equipment, unknown to his wife.

Their website is Abeez Honey.

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