Niche: Metal Art

Many homes may decorate with a painting or a small statue. However, how many people can say they own a piece of metal art?

Vladimir Gendelman is aware his product reaches a niche group of people. However, it seems his niche is growing. Although he once feared people would not purchase the cute scrap metal statues due their slightly high price, he soon discovered his market, reports The Detroit News.

Some sales are to individuals, but a significant chunk of the business involves corporate sales.

Because many of the H&K sculptures are suitable as office or desk art, and many pieces are functional — like wine bottle holders and business card racks — they’re popular as business gifts, the 36-year-old entrepreneur said.

Many designs feature caricatures of various professions and occupations, and Metal Imagination will work with clients to develop custom sculptures on request.

“A dental specialist might order little dentist sculptures as thank-you gifts for dentists who make referrals,” Gendelman explained. “Or a company might make them presents to employees, or sales people give them to their clients. One company bought 75 reindeer wine bottle holders as holiday gifts for employees.”

Photo from Metal Imagination

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