Fame alone doesn’t make the car payment. Care2 explains:

The best business ideas were those that were unique, thoroughly researched, and were focused on making money. While it may sound obvious for a business to focus on making money, I heard more than a few business ideas that seemed to neglect this critical aspect. Instead of dollars, their focus was users and views with no strategy for converting popularity into profit. While companies such as Facebook and Twitter have created billion dollar enterprises without any focus on profits, they are not good role models for you and me.

If you want to start a business, you must make money!

It’s not uncommon to see online videos that have been viewed 100,000 or even a million plus times or blogs with hundreds of thousands of loyal and active readers. But fame alone doesn’t buy a new car. Views, members, readers, follower, or friends won’t pay for a new house. Too many people think the recognition is the objective, but it is only a tool — just one piece of the puzzle. Recognition may have become the new currency, but it can’t pay the bills.

Photo by Fer Gregory/ShutterStock.