There will always be clothing with the tag, “dry clean only.” One entrepreneur has create a dry cleaning shop that meets that need in an eco-friendly way.

According to Ann, GreenAge Cleaners uses energy efficient pressing machines, and hydrocarbon solvent.

“Hydrocarbon doesn’t harm the human body, and there is no air pollution, contamination of the land or odor,” said owner Michael Koh.

Koh, who is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan, opened the store because he wanted his own “green” drycleaning business after working in the industry for years. He said he invested more than $250,000 in a complete line of energy-efficient machines.

In addition to a robotic shirt machine that uses less electricity and reduces labor, Koh invested in specialized pressing machines and utility form fitters for linen/cotton, dresses, jackets and machines that press pants two legs at a time so there is never a double crease.

“By paying upfront for energy-efficient machines, you do not have to increase costs over time as the cost of supplies and chemicals rise,” said Susie Casalou of E & N Equipment Company, which supplied the machines to Koh and designed the store layout. “This is good for customers and for him.”

Photo by daniel sandova

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