Fake Bake Abs

Don’t have enough time to build your muscles and create real abs? Duncan Bannatyne, recently viewed on Dragon’s Den, has a plastic sheet you can use to help you tan some instant abs onto your body.

The screens are placed strategically on the torso while the user is on a sun bed or in natural light for a tanned and toned look.

It is billed as a way to “get instant abs” and Mr Harden took his 20-year-old son Glen along as a model.

The 52-year-old, who owns Windsor Fitted Furniture in New Road, said he came up with the idea for selective tanning after observing the “ridiculous marks” people had on them after falling asleep in the sun.

He said: “I thought you must be able to harness that and make something better so I started developing it.

“It’s amazing what you can do with light and shade.”

Photo by Ryan McFarland

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