Sydney Morning Herald:

Some people hate banks, some hate their telcos and others have it in for insurance companies. Daniel Battaglia’s pet hates are excessive parking fees and council parking inspectors. But unlike most of us, he’s turned his particular dislike into a business, despite having almost no financing assistance.

Battaglia had been travelling around the world after five years in the finance industry and was mulling over a few ideas for start-ups.

“When I got back to Sydney I went to visit a good mate in Paddington and couldn’t find any street parking,” he says.

“I noticed a few empty driveways and as it turned out my mate’s garage was empty as well. That’s when it all came together for me.”

Battaglia spoke to some people about the idea of a website that matched drivers in need of parking with people who had a driveway or garage to spare and wanted to make a bit of extra cash out of it.

For months later, Battaglia had launched Parking Made Easy.

Photo by Dmitry Yashkin/ShutterStock.

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