Funerals Trends in 2025

In the book Remember Me: A Lively Tour of the New American Way of Death, by Lisa Takeuchi Cullen we meet characters like Lou Stellato, a futurist among funeral directors, who declares, “Funeral service as we know it is over.”

Cullen’s book explains the issues of the shifting funeral industry and, incidentally, the process that individuals take to shift their careers so as not to get left behind. This is a great lesson in specializing, because the funeral information is hilarious (for example, Costco broke the casket monopoly) and shocking (people turning their loved ones into diamonds – yes, there’s a new process…)

The biggest problem for funeral directors is that by 2025 most funerals will not involve caskets. This means no big profit from the panic of a last-minute, overpriced casket. No profit from renting a room for the viewing. In fact, there is the possibility that most funerals could bypass the funeral home altogether.

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