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The 5 Best Cameras for Entrepreneurs

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There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when he or she realizes that the camera on their iPhone is not enough. Though the ability to take calls and answer email on the same device that you capture photos and movies on is great from a portability standpoint, many entrepreneurs eventually discover that they need something more. I recently found myself in just that situation.

Luckily, today’s pocket-sized point-and-shoot cameras pack more megapixels and optics into their small size than full-sized DSLR cameras did just last year. Not only does this make them more affordable, but they’re also easier to learn, especially if you use photography blogs like to pick up simple shooting pointers.

While researching which one I needed, I came up with my picks of the top five cameras for entrepreneurs:

Sony camera

The Very Best

Sony DSC-RX100
This offering from Sony offers a 20.2 megapixel sensor to produce extremely crisp and detailed images whatever the light. For action shots, the camera captures up to 10 frames per second in burst mode. Plus, since it compensates for your motions, you can actually shoot photos and movies as you walk or drive and the camera will automatically stabilize them. Because of this camera’s incredible number of megapixels, if you need your photos printed larger than 11×14, this is the one for you. This is the ultimate “high end compact” professional digital camera to take on the go.

The Adventure Model (or Camera for a Klutz)

Panasonic Lumix TS20
If you’re someone who is always breaking things, this is the one for you. Featuring a flat and slim profile, this camera is incredibly tough. With it, you can shoot on the land or in the water, at a depth of up to fifteen feet. Plus, if it gets dirty, you can just wash it off. Able to withstand a drop from nearly five feet, you never have to worry about knocking this one off a table. Ever found your camera in the freezer? I haven’t, but if you have, this camera will be fine. That’s because it is capable of withstanding a freeze down to 14 degrees F. But how about the photos? Don’t worry. The 16.1 megapixel sensor will take photos perfect for any occasion.

The Spy Camera

Panasonic Lumix ZS20
This tiny camera has the most powerful zoom of its class. With a 20x optical zoom, you can pull your subjects right up close, capture decisive scenes from far off, and fine details you can’t see with your naked eye. Just right for surveillance work. The video function on this one will also automatically cancel out any wind noise, in case you are on a windy stakeout.

The Movie Maker

Canon SX40 HS
If you need to take more movies than photos, this camera from Canon might be just what you’re looking for. It shoots exceptionally well without the need for additional lighting. What’s more, the video will be exceptionally sharp because it shoots in real HD format. That HD video can be displayed on any HD TV just by plugging the camera in to the TV’s HDMI video port. Its dedicated video button makes switching into video mode a breeze. But that’s the only wind you’ll be worried about, because like the spy camera above, this one, too, has a dedicated wind noise canceler.

The Cheapest Camera

Canon PowerShot A1300
If price is the primary determining factor for you, never fear, the cheapest is here. Don’t worry, this one still takes fantastic photos with its 16 megapixel sensor and Smart AUTO that recognizes 32 predefined shooting situations and selects proper camera settings for each.

Just remember that no matter which camera you buy, the photos are only as good as the photographer!

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