Poutine is Coming to A Fast Food Restaurant New Year

Burger Business:

Burger King offers it, but only in Canada. Wendy’s recently began offering it in Canada, too. And when the first Canadian Smashburger opened this month in Calgary, it was on the menu.

“It” is poutine, the iconic Canadian/Quebecer side dish of crisp french fries and squeaky cheese curds covered in brown gravy. As these three American burger chains-and countless Canadian burger chains including The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro and m:brgr-know, one of the things poutine goes with well is a burger.

More and more American burger bars and other restaurants are catching on. Poutine is tasty, fun and messy and some of the best young American chefs are having a ball with it. And with snack foods such a restaurant growth trend, poutine’s presence is likely to keep expanding.

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