February 2014

Niche Market: Rubbish Bags

Mackay Daily Mercury: It’s quite a change from running childcare centres to providing rubbish removal solutions, but what it really boils down to is seeing a need and providing a service for Mackay business couple Craig and Cathie McGifford. The couple’s latest business venture is called Rhino Skip Bags, a reinforced polypropylene bag which comes

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New Niche In Amusement Parks

World Property Channel: Seventy percent of China’s 2,500 amusement parks are losing money – but their investors aren’t crying. Instead, they are betting on their adjacent commercial and residential developments, including apartments, villas and hotels, to make their profits. It’s a relatively new game that about one-third of China’s top 100 property developers are now

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The Entepreneurial Dream: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Business Insider: But are young people interested in starting their businesses for the right reasons—or the wrong ones? A new study by Harris Interactive for ASQ (PDF), which polled teens about their attitudes toward careers and study, paints a worrisome picture. The teens, ranging from 6th to 12th graders, believed studying science, technology, engineering and

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Using Server Farms to Heat Homes

NY Times: To satisfy our ever-growing need for computing power, many technology companies have moved their work to data centers with tens of thousands of power-gobbling servers. Concentrated in one place, the servers produce enormous heat. The additional power needed for cooling them — up to half of the power used to run them —

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