March 2014

How to Find Business Ideas

Forbes has up a fantastic article about how to find a profitable business idea in minutes. They’ve sorted through hundreds of methods of idea extraction and come up two incredibly simple questions: What is the most important activity you do in your business? Do you have any pain associated with this activity? Start with a

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Niche Biz: Tsunami Survival Pod

Autopia: A houseboat builder from Melbourne, Australia, has created a submersible pod that he says can help save its occupants from the forces of a tsunami. Matthew Duncan was inspired to work on the Tsunami Survival Pod (TSP) after watching images of the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. He realized that

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Physical Therapy For Pets

If you thought it was difficult administering physical therapy to a human, you should try getting an animal to do the necessary exercises. Woodstock Independent has a story about one woman who is helping animals get back into shape. Mary Kay Dobbeck, a physical therapist who has been working at the Woodstock Veterinary Clinic for

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