Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a rut in your life?

Fast Company believes you can change that by simply harvesting the ideas already swimming in your head.

A sunriser gives out energy, a sunsetter sucks it away. A sunriser goes through life open to the idea that the best may still be coming. A sunset person is heavy in the knowledge that the best is past.”

“Anyone can have an idea. The right to see something from a new perspective belongs to us all. Most people and companies have a vast reservoir of fresh thinkers all around them. But they refuse to utilize them because they refuse to cross-pollinate.”

“Fewer and fewer people pay any attention to what their gut is trying to tell them. Yet, when you’re desperate for an idea, it’s the most precious commodity on earth.”

“Expediency wins so often because the obvious is overlooked. If a new idea is worth anything, it should make everyone a little nervous. It will be tougher to sell. But these are all good signs.”

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Photo by Sam Nhlengethwa.