Chameleon Camouflage

Currently, our clothes do not change color to match our environment. However, for the camo used in the army may not be far off.

According to AirForceTimes, the unique cloth will change colors and patterns just like a chameleon.

The fabric’s inventor told a San Diego conference last month that stealthy camouflage is only a few years away from outfitting service members – and even helping hide ground combat vehicles, fighter jets and ships.

The concept of adaptive camouflage remains in development but – if proven to work as advertised – may grab attention from military services interested in improving concealment on the battlefield.

The man behind the fabric is Guy Cramer, president and CEO of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. He holds several trademarks and patents for cammie patterns and devices, including a positive/negative ion generator he developed that may help in changing the look of a uniform quickly and easily.

Stealthy camouflage requires submicroscopic nanotechnologies, so the material “is always changing color and pattern,” he said. “Ideally, that would be your end result. We’re not there yet.”

The idea, he said, is to “take ‘smart’ materials that can actually change from one area, like color and shape, to change the overall look of what you are wearing.”

Photo by Baynham Goredema

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