Inventor Creates Multistory Building Escape Device

According to Fire Engineering, Manuel Guillermety has invented a device that helps people escape from multistory buildings.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “An escape and rescue device used in a multistory building during a terrorist threat or a fire to: a) evacuate a person or persons attached to an expandable disc support with an attachment that is lowered from an upper level of a building through a vertical tube, by using a lesser pressure at the top of the tube and a higher pressure at the bottom of the tube, using a door at the top or a door at the bottom to maintain pressure or by artificial air pressure, thereby permitting the fast evacuation of many people in a short time, b) it can be used by firemen in training in its use and benefits, c) also at amusement parks, where there would be a ride that would teach the users about its reliability and safety, and d) to transport firemen in a fast way from the ground to the upper floors without interfering with the evacuation in process at the congested stairways of the building.”

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