Technology allows us to see in 3D, why not hear that way too? Joe Hayes is working on a unique set of speakers that make it possible for people interested in listening to things in 3D.

Twenty-one years and 8000 hours of work later, his part-time project has finally developed into a fledging business in Brisbane employing seven people.

He has raised $600,000 through the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board, a capital-raising platform for local entrepreneurs, as part of his bid to raise $2.5 million overall.

Manufacturing is due to commence in May.

Mr Hayes described his system as “3D sound”, a system that generates “acoustic holograms” that offered “the same sound to actually being there”.

He was in the midst of finalising distribution in Australia with local company Dynamic Music.

“The Acoustic3D technology is not an extension of existing audio technology,” Mr Hayes said.

“The implementation of Acoustic3D’s diffuser and algorithms completely replaces the traditional approach to audio technology with a new method to mathematically generate sounds that can be manipulated to produce a distortion free, three-dimensional sound experience.”

Photo by West McGowan