Peru Exports Franchise Restaurants



Peruvian businessmen Arnold Wu and his brother, owners of Pardo’s Chicken, opened their first foreign branch of the restaurant chain in 2002 – in relatively nearby Santiago, Chile. But they stretched quite a bit further for their second foreign location: Miami, Florida.

There are now 42 Pardo’s Chicken restaurants in Peru, Chile and the United States. The Wu brothers don’t plan to stop there. They are currently looking for partners in all three countries in order to keep expanding – and quickly. The short-term plan is to open 25 new branches.

Pardo’s Chicken is by no means the only Peruvian fast food vendor to be making a go of it abroad. Other successful brands include China Wok, which has 44 branches outside of Peru; La Caravan; Bembos, the first Peruvian chain to break into the Indian market; and Embarcadero 41.

“Every year, more and more Peruvian restaurants open in foreign countries. The most popular business approach is with franchises,” says Juan Carlos Mathews, a researcher at Peru’s Universidad del Pac’ifico.

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