Doorbell Rings Your Phone

How many times have you missed a visitor or package because you did not hear the doorbell ring? Laurence Rook’s mom faced the same problem. At only 13 years old, he has designed a unique doorbell that will call you when someone rings it, reports The Tech Herald.

When rung by would-be burglars, the Smart Bell’s internal SIM card instantly connects with the owner’s mobile phone, allowing them to create the illusion of being at home and providing them with a little more peace of mind while out and about.

By way of added faux authenticity, the Smart Bell intercom also produces a degree of non-descript white noise in order to help fool possible intruders into thinking the person answering is actually inside the house or apartment.

“At first I designed the idea because my mum was fed up going to the Post Office to collect deliveries made when we were not at home,” said the canny inventor in a Daily Mail report.

“When I started to develop the Smart Bell, I realised it could also be a great burglar-deterrent,” he added.

Clearly more than an interesting gimmick, young Mr. Rook’s creation has already been embraced by telecommunications company Commtel Innovate and is expected to hit retail outlets priced 40 GBP.

Photo from Smart Bell

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