The Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic is now selling elephant dung to their visitors as an unusual souvenir that can also be used to fertilize garden plants:

“I believe that garden owners will appreciate our new item on sale,” zoo director Miroslav Bobek said.

Each of the Prague zoo’s three elephants daily consumes about [four hundred pounds] of branches, sticks, roots and grass. Each of them produces [about 300 pounds] of excrements every day, zoo attendant Pavel Brendl said.

Bobek said if elephant droppings sold well, the zoo would consider extending the offer to include excrements of other animals or special Asian and African mixtures.

Bobek said Prague applied for the Czech-made label for the elephant droppings on sale but its request “has not met with understanding.”

The zoo started selling the droppings at weekends, beginning Saturday 23rd April 2011. A bucket with [3 pounds] of droppings will cost [about $4].

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