Before we get started I want you to understand something: aafter reading this, you’re either going to be convinced that every single other business book you’ve ever read was full of really bad, horrible, stupid advice OR I’m insane.


Every single day, people come to me with their business ideas. Some of them are sound really good, and some don’t. Either way, my opinion is just that. I don’t have a crystal ball that I can gaze into hidden to tell you whether or not your business is going to be a success. I can’t even tell you whether or not you’ll make any sales. Only your customers can tell you that.

Too often, many would-be entrepreneurs get bogged down in a multitude of little tasks that they think that they have to do before they can start a business. Some people get so overwhelmed with everything that they think they have to do, that they never actually get to the point in which their business has actually started.

I have an old school friend, and every time I asked him what was new in his life, he would tell me about his “business”. He loved to tell me about all of the meetings he’d had with his financial backers, or the logo they’d agreed on, or the business plans they’d drawn up. His website took nearly six months to complete, and his attorney and accountant were busy for nearly as long drafting the corporate documents and developing an accounting structure.

After he’d finish telling my about all that he’d done, I’d ask him a simple question: “Have you sold anything yet?”

“No,” he’d reply. “We’re not done designing our product yet. We want to get it just right.”

This routine went on for months.

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