Welcome to Vegas

Las Vegas Sun:

It’s the ultimate Las Vegas photo opportunity: Two tourists from North Carolina are showered with cash, standing in front of the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on the Strip.

Only in this case, the only real components are the North Carolinians, Veronica Miller and Mildred Wilson. The cash is fake and instead of Las Vegas Boulevard, they’re standing on a red carpet near baggage claim at McCarran International Airport.

Sure, it’s not the real Las Vegas sign, but it’ll do.

Alex Dixon, 31, and three of his high school buddies watched last week as their latest customers enjoyed the experience offered by their new business, Confess, which launched March 1. The business offers customers a quick studio-quality photo at a Las Vegas “landmark,” along with a quick photographic print and a digital copy sent to the customer’s email for easy uploading to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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